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Tired of the frantic pace of world tours in the Loire, Richard Lingals is spending peaceful days today in his Forezienne farm where he plants seeds in the macadam to grow beautiful songs...

-Richard LINGALS-

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Coming from the north, Johnny Jumper arrives in France and tries his baccalaureate harmonica as a free candidate. Since then, he has played scratching games on 6 and 12 strings. Pragmatic character, his onesie allows him on stage to take a nap between 2 songs.

-Johnny JUMPER-

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Accompagné de son fidèle banjo Plectromus,  Uncle Berry chasse à mains nues l'alligator dans les marécages de la  Louisiane Carcassonnaise pour s’en faire des santiags .

- Uncle BERRY -

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Passionate about pistons & pipes, Fidel Castrol burns the macadam of the mythical route 66 or RN 113 on the handlebars of his sousaphone which purrs like a V8!

Dédé l'Embrouille's washboard hasn't smelled of soap for a long time! Between two scams, he scratches his Washboard in the swamps of the bayou in New Orleans.

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